Moses Malone’s Son Hits An NBA Star w/Lawsuit Over Brutal Beatdown

Posted On : May 17, 2017

Moses Malone Jr.- son of the late NBA icon, Moses Malone’s- is making headlines and speaking out about the lawsuit he’s filed against one of NBA’s biggest stars right now. The Houston Rocket’s, James Harden’s, name has just been added to a lawsuit Moses Jr. filed in 2016 over his brutal beatdown and robbery by four gunmen outside of a Houston strip club in June of that same year.

Moses Malone Jr. (L); NBA player, James Harden (R)
Moses Malone Jr. (L); NBA player, James Harden (R)

Moses Jr. says he knows that Harden was behind the attack, a claim he’s consistently stood by since the beginning. Harden was never charged in connection with the attack, but the four men and the club’s security guard, Dorian Blount, were charged for the assault.

Malone Jr.s Original Lawsuit & Claims Against James Harden

Moses Jr. initially filed his pending $1 million lawsuit against the strip club, for damages due to his injuries and stolen property. The lawsuit claims that Blount aided in the attack by setting up Moses Jr. as he was trying to enter the club. And that Blount didn’t let him in, but instead redirected him to an area where the four gun toting robbers attacked him, repeatedly kicked and punched him in the face, and jacked him out of $15K to $50K in jewelry.

Soon after the attack, Moses Jr. publicly alleged Harden facilitated it because he was pissed about a Facebook post Moses Jr. wrote hours earlier, slamming Harden for charging inner city kids $249 dollars to join his basketball camp:

Moses Jr: “Don’t he make WAY more $ then (sic) Donald Driver???? But, he charging 249$ & the inner city kids have NO CHANCE to go to his camp. Hollywood Harden #Fact.”

After New Details Emerge, Malone Jr. & Attorney Speak On Adding Harden’s Name To Lawsuit

Via USA Today: Malone’s attorney, George Farah, told USA TODAY Sports by phone on Tuesday that Malone is now seeking damages from Houston Rockets guard James Harden, who Malone alleges orchestrated the attack. […] The amended lawsuit alleges that Harden paid Blount $20,000 to lead the attack on Malone and that “it has come to light that James Harden was in fact at (the strip club) the night of the attack.”

Watch his interview clip below:

In a new interview with ABC13 Moses Jr,. claims that the four men were yelling things to him about Harden during the attack.

It’s gonna be interesting to hear Harden’s side of the story when and if he ever speaks on this.

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