Mr. T Tells How Former Boss, Muhammad Ali, Broke Up Fights In The Hood

Posted On : May 31, 2016

Who knew Mr. T. used to work for Muhammad Ali?!! That sure was news to most of us, here at ILOSM. Anyways, Mr. T. was spotted in NY recently and he gave a quick rundown about things he’s personally witnessed his former boss, Ali, do during the time that he was employed by him. T. went into detail about how Ali would break up fights in the hood back in the day, and he also revealed what his job was when he worked for Ali.


In this video clip, Mr. T. revealed to TMZ that he was Ali's bodyguard back in the day! Ain't that something?!! We would've never thought that 'Mr. Pity The Fool' was working for the 'Greatest of All Time'...but that combination is crazy! One of the greatest wrestlers-turned-actors guarding the 'Greatest boxer of all time.'

T. referred to Ali as his "hero" and he had a lot more to say, including how Ali would oftentimes go to the hood and see some dudes about to fight, but the he'd step in and break them up, literally. Check out the video up top.
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