Mr. T’s Daughter Reveals Why He Rarely Speaks To Her

Posted On : February 6, 2016

fb htown We all know Mr. T as the gold jewelry rockin,’ African Mandinka hairstyle sportin,’ ‘I Pity The Fool’ “Clubber Lang” Rocky III, A-Team character, but we never really got to know him as the man who is also the father of three (and possibly four, but we’ll explain that on another day).

He has two daughters and one son with his wife, Phyllis Clark, whom he has been married to since 1971. His 37 year old daughter, Erica Clark, spoke out not too long ago about what type of father her Pops is and why he doesn’t really talk to her other than once or twice a year.

Mr. T.'s daughter, Erica Clark
Mr. T.’s daughter, Erica Clark

Erica chose a line of work that her Dad apparently doesn’t approve. No she’s not robbing banks, or doing anything else illegal, she’s simply making folks laugh as a comedian, after walking away from her teaching job of 10 years and that is what she says has driven the distance between she and her father. Here’s what Erica explained about that to NBC News:

“We talk maybe once or twice a year. We’re not super close since I moved out,” said Clark. “He wants me to be a nice teacher and get married and have kids. [My dad] doesn’t want me to do entertainment at all so he hasn’t come to any of my shows before but he’s aware that I do it.”

“I always wanted to be the…

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