Murder, Shootings & Overdose, What Went Wrong For Hi-Five?

Posted On : December 2, 2015
hi five
Hi Five (L-R): Treston Irby, Marcus Sanders, Tony Thompson, Roderick Clark, Russell Neal

Remember the 90’s group Hi-Five? They had us jammin’ to hits like “I Like The Way (Kissing Game)” and “She’s Playing Hard To Get.” They always had 5 members at one time, hence the name Hi-Five, but they’ve actually had a total of six members in the group…we’ll get to that in a minute.

Five of the 6 members have ALL been struck with some form of great tragedy and just as of last year (2014), the tragedy was still striking, or shall I say, one of the members did the striking and allegedly caused the tragedy.

It’s very sad that all of this has happened within the same group and what we’ve noticed is that some people know about one or two of the Hi Five tragedies, but they may not necessarily know about ALL FIVE of these tragic situations, so here they are…

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