Laaawd! See Why Many Are SHOCKED By Jermaine Jackson’s NEW GIRLFRIEND!

Posted On : January 8, 2017

The ink has barely dried on pending divorce petition that Jermaine Jackson’s wife, Halima, filed in June 2016. But apparently Jermaine Jackson figured that there’s no need to cry over soiled milk, nor waste any time moving on to the next. Check out his new girlfriend and the details of their relationship below…


In Germany, Jermaine has a huge following and he performed there with his girlfriend, Maday, to ring in 2017. Check it out up top, the video has 'Willkommen 2017' shown at the bottom of the screen, which is German for 'Welcome to 2017.'
He's also taken his new girlfriend on trips, media press runs around the country and introduced her as his girlfriend in a past interview. fb-jermaine-jackson-and-halima As far as Jermaine's divorce proceedings with his wife, Halima (pictured above with Jermaine), the last we heard was that the divorce is still pending as they work out out how they're going to divvy up their property and finances. Source
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