Must See! R. Kelly Battles Drunk Guy On The Street & Then It Got WEIRD

Posted On : June 2, 2016

Last week R. Kelly was chillin’ in North Carolina for his Buffet Tour, minding his own business, and getting something to eat from a nearby food stand. He was with N.C. radio DJ, DJ Dr. Doom of 93.3 The Beat, when all of a sudden a drunk dude stepped to Kellz and his crew, but what happened next will have you crackin’ up. The drunk dude did NOT believe that R. Kelly was really him, so a $100 bet was made, that if Kellz could prove he was really him, the drunk guy would have to pay up and here is what Kellz did next…



This is something R. Kelly seems to be taking a liking to nowadays. Remember when Kellz did this?>>>
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