Nate Parker Addresses Suicide Of A Woman Who Falsely Accused Him Of Rape

Posted On : August 17, 2016

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Ever since actor/director, Nate Parker, made noise in January after landing the largest ever movie deal in the history of the Sundance Movie Festival for $17.5 million, his life has been intensely dissected and sometimes scrutinized.

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Parker, who will be releasing, “Birth of a Nation,” the autobiographical film on the life of Nat Turner, the slave who formed a slave revolution and fought back against the slave oppressors, is now in the midst of a media frenzy from news of a 1999 rape trial, where he was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be 100% innocent of all rape charges. After Parker (who was a 19 year old college athlete at Penn State University) and a fellow female college student (of another race) had consensual sex in ’99, she called Nate two months later to accuse him and his friend (whom she’d had a threesome with) of rape after she’d suspected that she was pregnant.

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“These are my words. Written from my heart and not filtered through a third party gaze.” -Nate

In the past, Parker has spoken publicly about his ’99 trial to the media, but after news surfaced the other day, that the young lady committed suicide in 2012, it was news to Parker as well, so he publicly addressed her suicide and the incident with a heartfelt message on Facebook, maintaining his innocence, but still expressing sadness for the young lady who must have had some issues in her life:

Nate Parker’s full message: “These are my words. Written from my heart and not filtered through a third party gaze. Please read these separate from any platform I may have, but from me as a fellow human being. I write to you all devastated… Over the last several days, a part of my past – my arrest, trial and acquittal on charges of sexual assault – has become a focal point for media coverage, social media speculation and industry conversation. I understand why so many are concerned and rightfully have questions. These issues of a women’s right to be safe and of men and women engaging in healthy relationships are extremely important to talk about, however difficult. And more personally, as a father, a husband, a brother and man of deep faith, I understand how much confusion and pain this incident has had on so many, most importantly the young woman who was involved.
I myself just learned that the young woman ended her own life several years ago and I am filled with profound sorrow…I can’t tell you how hard it is to hear this news. I can’t help but think of all the implications this has for her family. I cannot- nor do I want to ignore the pain she endured during and following our trial. While I maintain my innocence that the encounter was unambiguously consensual, there are things more important than the law. There is morality; no one who calls himself a man of faith should even be in that situation. As a 36-year-old father of daughters and person of faith, I look back on that time as a teenager and can say without hesitation that I should have used more wisdom. I look back on that time, my indignant attitude and my heartfelt mission to prove my innocence with eyes that are more wise with time. I see now that I may not have shown enough empathy even as I fought to clear my name. Empathy for the young woman and empathy for the seriousness of the situation I put myself and others in. I cannot change what has happened. I cannot bring this young woman who was someone else’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s mother back to life… I have changed so much since nineteen. I’ve grown and matured in so many ways and still have more learning and growth to do. I have tried to conduct myself in a way that honors my entire community – and will continue to do this to the best of my ability. All of this said, I also know there are wounds that neither time nor words can heal. I have never run from this period in my life and I never ever will. Please don’t take this as an attempt to solve this with a statement. I urge you only to take accept this letter as my response to the moment.”


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