NeNe Leakes Offers Tearful Response To Backlash Over Rape Remarks

Posted On : October 12, 2017

Fans have always admired NeNe Leakes for her outspoken nature. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has built quite a fan base with her down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is attitude, but her recent actions have led to serious backlash. When NeNe fired back at a heckler, she was me with stark criticism by fans who argue that she took things a bit too far. Now, she’s released a surprising statement of apology and the reality star/actress was moved to tears as she spoke to fans.

NeNe’s Apology:

On Wednesday, October 11, NeNe took to Instagram Live to address the situation. While getting her makeup done, she tearfully apologized and admitted words can cut deeply, reports The Jasmine Brand.

“I truly regret and apologize for what I said from the stage in Oakland over the weekend. Sometimes words can cut deep and hurt when you have no intentions of them doing so. As a woman and someone who survived abuse, I regret the words that I used. I made a mistake and I should have known better. I hope people accept my deepest and sincerest apologies. I am sorry.”

Check out the video of NeNe’s apology:

Lots Of Drama:

NeNe’s apology follows the heightened criticism she faced after getting into a verbal altercation with a fan. When the reality star hosted “Girls Night Out For Laughs” in Oakland, CA, she was heckled by a fan and, of course, NeNe wasn’t having it. She fired back with verbal daggers, telling the woman she hoped she would get raped by an Uber driver on her way home. The statement she made is what led to the recent drama.

“Y’all motherf*cking tried it b*tch. I ain’t finna get ready to tell you about the uber driver hope he rape your a** tonight when he get ready to take you home bitch and steal your funky hello kitty b*tch…B*tch, I’ll switch up on your ass in 5 seconds…”

In addition to the latest drama, NeNe also made headlines a few days ago when she slammed her RHOA co-star Kim Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle Biermann. With all that’s happened, NeNe might be laying low for a while. But with the Real Housewives of Atlanta season premiere right around the corner, her silence probably won’t last long.

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