As News Broke That Cosby’s 100% Blind,U Won’t Believe People’s Reactions

Posted On : July 20, 2016

After Page Six reported that a “well-placed” source confirmed that Bill Cosby is now 100% blind and living “in his own personal hell,” there was a plethora of mixed reactions all across the internet. Like we always say, the internet is where you will get the most real reactions on earth and these comments you’re about to see reaffirms that notion. Check this out ILOSM fam’…


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.53.59 AM Page Six source reported this about Cosby:

Bill Cosby is now “completely blind,” said a well-placed source, who added that the embattled comic is “in his own personal hell.”
The source close to Cosby told us, “His alleged victims may take some solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. He has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease and is completely blind . . . All his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him.
“He is confined to his house in Pennsylvania, and the only person on his side is his wife, Camille, who is masterminding his defense. His only friends are the small army of lawyers on his payroll.”
Then THIS happened...
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