Nia Long FINALLY Speaks Out About The Taraji P. Henson “Drama”

Posted On : April 7, 2017

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Since Empire’s spring premiere for season three, there have been rumors about an alleged rift between Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long. For those who missed it, the famed actresses reportedly had a few issues while filming the latest season. In fact, several news outlets reported that Taraji and Nia actually had to film scenes separately because they could not manage to get along on set. But, are the rumors true? According to TMZ, Nia Long has something to say and she’s finally setting the record straight.

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Ending All Speculation:

The notable news outlet caught up with Nia and she had no problem answering the question everyone has been asking: Does she have a problem with Taraji? The famed Love Jones actress made it clear the rumors are absolutely false.

“None of that is true, I love Taraji. She’s an amazing actress. There’s no beef with us at all – Taraji is a wonderful actress. She deserves all the accolades she’s getting. It’s never been about that. I respect her, she respects me, the work is the work.”

Check out the video:

More Clarity:

In addition to Nia’s statement, Empire producer Ilene Chaiken released a statement to the Chicago Tribune to refute the rumors. Chaiken also complimented Nia on her impeccable acting ability and how her character Giuliana has opened the door for a new dynamic on the show.

“Nia is a gifted actress and we’re grateful for the incredible work she did on ‘Empire’ in this pivotal role. Her character, Giuliana, is a nemesis for Cookie, and the stories in the press would appear to be conflating that fiction with reality. We can’t wait for the fans to enjoy her spectacular turn on the show. It’s pure ‘Empire’ drama,” Chaiken said in the statement.

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Eva Longoria, another famous actress set to make an appearance on Empire this season, also shared her opinion of Nia. Like Chaiken, Longoria also had nothing but great things to say about Nia Long. “Oh, I love Nia,” Longoria said. “She’s amazing.”

So, it looks like the ladies are doing just fine and they’re probably here to stay. BUT…I know there are going to be some folks that would say something like…well she answered it kinda dry…LOL. Either way, we love both these ladies!

In January, Fox confirmed that Empire has been renewed for a fourth season.

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