Nick Gordon Spotted Looking Stressed As Possible Arrest Lingers

Posted On : October 4, 2015

nick gordon now1 The late Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was just spotted a couple days ago (10-2-15) looking a lil’ stressed out as he walked around the neighborhood of his gated Florida community, where he lives with his 44 year old mother, Michelle.

(L) Nick Gordon walking outside his gated Florida community; (R) Nick's mother, Michelle, seen leaving their Florida home about an hour after Nick was spotted.
(L) Nick Gordon walking outside his gated Florida community; (R) Nick’s mother, Michelle, seen leaving their Florida home about an hour after Nick was spotted.

Nick’s stress probably has a lot to do with the facts that Bobbi Kristina’s estate has a $40 million wrongful lawsuit pending against him, but Mail Online also reported that he will probably be arrested any day now, as a result of the findings of the criminal investigation in which Gordon has remained a person of interest. So we can’t blame him for being stressed, nor do we know if he has, or does not have anything to do with Bobbi Kristina’s death. But after the info came out last week that the medical examiner and the investigators now know exactly what killed Bobbi Kristina (they’re keeping their findings sealed due to the pending investigation), Bobby Brown and his attorney, Christopher Brown (no relation)  confirmed their stance when Bobby B. said in a statement last week that they strongly believe Nick Gordon “harmed” Bobbi Kristina.

7-27 bobby brown

While on his stroll around the neighborhood, Nick wore a T-shirt that read “Fear is for others” and it had an image of Bruce Lee on it. We’re not sure if he’s trying to send a message that he ‘ain’t never scared’ about these possible charges, or if it was all a coincidence, but he probably should be walking on eggshells right about now, if he knows what’s best for him, because every move he makes is being studied closely.
nick gordon now4
So far, Nick looks suspicious because of the allegations against him and the ongoing criminal investigation that lists him as a person of interest in Bobbi Kristina’s death, but until facts are confirmed in court, he is innocent until proven guilty.

Like we always say, we hope that the Brown and Houston families can eventually get justice if someone did in fact harm Bobbi Kris.’

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