Nick Gordon’s Response To Backlash Over Creepy Bobbi Kris Christmas Card

Posted On : December 29, 2015

fb nick tweeet Nick Gordon has a Twitter message for all of us who thought his photoshopped Bobbi Kristina Christmas card was a lil’ weird and creepy. Basically he’s saying ‘to hell with what any of us have to say about it, he will always represent his “baby girl”‘…except, he didn’t exactly say it as harsh as that. Truth be told, he shouldn’t care about what any of us on the outside think about the situation, just like he implied. Nick’s got bigger battles looming over his head right now- he should only care about that pending criminal investigation and the civil lawsuit that Bobbi Kristina’s estate filed, which includes a wrongful death claim.
fb nick and bobbi kris 100 In the midst of all of that, see what message Nick took the time to post in response to the enormous amount of backlash he received over his photoshopped Bobbi Kristina Christmas card…
nick gordon response to xmas card
Like I said in our previous story about this Christmas card situation- it is probably in Nick’s best interest to lay low and not continue to add fuel to the fire surrounding the beloved Bobbi Kristina’s memory and death. All he is doing is pissing a lot of folks off and causing himself to be tried even harsher in the court of public opinion. If Nick is innocent, as he maintains that he is, he should just let everything play out in the court of the law, instead of bringing creepy, unnecessary tension to himself.

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