No Longer Keeping Prince’s Personal Life Private, Ex-Wife’s New Book Will Reveal…

Posted On : September 18, 2016

Get ready, ILOSM fam! The commemoration of Prince’s legacy isn’t over. Since Prince’s unexpected death back in April, so many celebrities and fans have paid homage to the singer with all types of tributes. Now, his ex-wife, Mayte Garcia has plans to release a memoir about their past relationship.

“The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince”

The 304-page memoir, titled “The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince” is set to be released on April 14, 2017 just a week before the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death.


The book, which has been described as “uniquely intimate, candid and revelatory look inside the personal and professional life of one of the world’s most beloved icons,” will give fans an indepth look at Mayte’s relationship and marriage to Prince from 1996 to 1999.

Hachette Book Group, the company responsible for publishing the book, has released an announcement about the book offering fans a quick overview of what they can expect to read.

“Their unconventional meeting backstage at a concert (and the long-distance romance that followed), to their fairy-tale wedding (and their groundbreaking artistic partnership), to the devastating loss of their children that ultimately dissolved their romantic relationship for good,” the announcement read.

prince and mayte8

Her Relationship With Prince

Mayte has also released a statement about the upcoming book and her relationship with the late legendary musician. “Prince was loved the world over but few knew him intimately,” Garcia said. “And ours was a rare, almost otherworldly connection. I want to share our love story, and with it the highs and lows–always coming from a loving place, as this man is still part of my family and always will be.”

SincePrince was very adamant about keeping his personal life private, the glimpse into their marriage will probably be quite interesting for many fans.

Bizarre Marriage

Several years ago, Mayte did an interview where she revealed several “bizarre” things about their relationship that will make you laugh and cry at the same time, including the fact that Prince never took off his short “stiletto heels”- not at home, not ever! Prince is 5’2″ and Mayte is 5’4″, so maybe he was compensating for that, who knows? She also said that she never called her then-husband, Prince, any name because during that time he was nameless and had simply changed his name to a symbol; she said the relationship with Prince “screwed up” her relationships after him; and she also talked about the very tragic time when they’d lost one of the two babies they eventually lost, but that they went on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and pretended their precious baby was still alive when they talked to Oprah about him.

After they married in 1996, Mayte got pregnant almost instantly. Unfortunately their son, Boy Gregory, passed away at just one week old due to a very rare birth defect called Pfeiffer syndrome, which is a defect of the skull. Soon after that, she became pregnant again and had a miscarriage and both of those incredibly painful losses are what began to tear their marriage apart.

Mayte explains: “To lose two babies is really scary… it really caught on me emotionally, physically, everything. It took me at least 15 years to get over it and still, to this day, I miss my son. I believe a child dying between a couple either makes you stronger or it doesn’t. For me, it was very, very hard to move forward and for us as a couple I think it probably broke us.”

mayte and prince5

Bizarrely, within days of losing their son the couple went on the Oprah Winfrey show and pretended he was still alive. She says now they were simply unable to process the death..

“We had to show people that we were strong, that we had faith, and that we would try again. But I didn’t really want to speak to anybody. I was physically distraught. When you miscarry your body is freaking out, like ‘Why can’t I feed the baby?’ so those were the things I went through. Every day was a struggle even to breathe.”

prince and mayte

Mayte on never addressing Prince by any name:

“We never had any pet names, and I don’t think in the whole time we were together I called him anything, which I guess is a bit weird,” she confesses. I never called him Prince because I wanted him to be a person to me, not the man behind Purple Rain. Plus, technically, I was married to the Symbol. Our house was full of them, but I just couldn’t say the word. When we got married it was much easier. If someone else was there I could say, ‘Could I speak to my husband please?’ ”

Neither did they ever go out on a date. “I doubt any woman ever has… he’s not really a cinema kinda guy,” she says.

prince and mayte21

And then Mayte revealed how Prince rocked his high heels 24/7…even in the comfort of his own crib, but she also said that lack of confidence about his height was never an issue for him…

“When I was with him he always wore these little stiletto heels – I don’t know what size he was but I could put my feet into his shoes. But I never felt his insecurity in height. You didn’t see it because he was who he was. He’s also really, really, really funny, which most people don’t realize. This is why so many people fall for him. Prince never, ever mentioned it except to say he wished he was taller so he could play basketball. He was actually a really great basketball player.”

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