Nooo Not Again! See HOW MUCH $$ IRS Now Demanding From Lauryn Hill!

Posted On : July 15, 2016

lauryn hill

We’re hoping that Lauryn Hill will take care of a new tax lien the IRS has just slapped her with, for the second time in 4 years. The last thing we wanna see is Ms. Hill having to leave her kids again to trade in her song bars for prison bars.


The IRS is digging DEEP into her Ms. Hill’s pocketbook! Here’s what Bossip reported:

The state’s [New Jersey] Division of Taxation says [Lauryn] Hill – who critics lauded for her performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival earlier this month – owes $438,221, and issued the tax judgment June 30, according to records obtained by Bossip.
bossip lauryn hill tax doc


The IRS wants $438,221???!!!

friday damn gif

Good LAWD that’s a lotta money!


The last time Hill had IRS problems was in 2012, when she served 3 months in prison for failing to pay taxes on $1.6 million in earnings, which Laurn said was due to the endangerment of her family’s lives:

“I did not deliberately abandon my fans, nor did I deliberately abandon any responsibilities, but I did however put my safety, health and freedom and the freedom, safety and health of my family first over all other material concerns! I also embraced my right to resist a system intentionally opposing my right to whole and integral survival,” said Hill in 2012. Source


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