Not Havin’ It: Tamar Responds To Vince’s Hope For Reconciliation

Posted On : November 4, 2017

Tamar Braxton’s divorce drama just got a lil’ bit more perplexing. This week, there’s been a lotta talk about her marital problems with Vince Herbert. Tamar’s made it clear that she’s ready to throw in the towel and she plans to take their 4 year old son, Logan, with her. However, it doesn’t seem like Vince is in agreement with her plans.

Vince and Tamar

A couple days ago, it was reported that Vince refuses to even consider divorce and he’s hoping that they can seek counseling and work toward reconciliation before calling it quits. In addition to his take on divorce, he’s also reportedly not down with Tamar’s child custody demands. But how does Tamar feel about the situation? Although she’s been quiet about her marital drama, now it’s pretty clear how she feels about reconciliation.

Not Havin’ It:

According to TMZ, Tamar Braxton has no plans of going back to her estranged husband, Vince. The publication has confirmed that Tamar has moved out of the home she’s been sharing with her husband and now there’s no turning back. Of course, Tamar and Vince have had their ups and downs over the past nine years, but this time, she’s tired of it. Insiders close to the “Love & War” singer have confirmed that Tamar is completely done with Vince.

Sources close to Tamar tell us there’s absolutely no chance she’ll go back to Vince now that she’s filed divorce papers. We’re told Tamar’s had enough. Their 9-year marriage had been tumultuous for too long and she’s hellbent on ending it for good this time.

Tamar Braxton is reportedly surrounded by friends and family members, who are supporting her decision to leave Vince. In fact, The Braxton Family Values star’s mother turned heads on Friday (Nov.4, 2017), when she was asked about her daughter’s split from Vince. Evelyn Braxton basically confirmed what fans have been thinking: there has been domestic violence and physical abuse during Tamar’s marriage to Vince. Evelyn didn’t cut any corners with her message to Vince: “Keep your hands off my child!”

Unfortunately, it looks like things may get a lot worse for Tamar, before it gets better. Best of luck to both of them, as they face the beginning of what seems to be an upcoming nasty divorce battle.

We’ll let Tamar’s sister, Toni B., take us out on this one, with her ever-so-appropriately titled 1993 classic, “Another Sad Love Song” (above).

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