Not Havin’ It! Tank Claps Back At Fan Who Bashed Him Over Tyrese

Posted On : October 11, 2017

Tank has been grindin’ for years now. Since his 90’s hit, “I Deserve,” he’s evolved as a singer and performer, even breaking into the acting spectrum of entertainment. Like most celebrities, he’s always looking for the next big opportunity to take his career to the next level. So, when it was announced that The Rock had accepted an offer from Universal Pictures to do a Fast and Furious spinoff of his character, Agent Luke Hobbs, it came as no surprise to fans that he immediately jumped at the opportunity. But when Tank also saw an opportunity, apparently, a fan wasn’t very pleased and the singer wasted no time firing back. It all started with a few harmless Instagram posts, but soon, the situation turned into a heated debate that Tank ultimately shut down.

A Humble Request:

For those who missed it, Tank turned fans’ heads when he shared an Instagram post hoping to catch the attention of The Rock, reports iHeart Radio. Apparently, Tank wants to be part of the new Hobbs Shaw Fast and Furious spinoff film. So, he humbly asked if he could audition for a role in the upcoming film. To Tank’s surprise, it didn’t take The Rock long to respond to the request. The Fast and Furious actor offered hopeful words that may suggest Tank might get what he asked for. “We see u brother @theRealTank. Iron beast! Its been very cool to see so many texting me to join our spinoff and have fun. #HobbShaw.”

Tank’s Response:

As expected, Tank responded in excitement. In fact, he admitted The Rock’s response made him feel like a “real fan.” He also shared how blessed he is just to have the megastar respond to him. “Having a real fan moment at the moment guys! @therock spoke on my request! If it goes no further than this God I’m thankful..??. Blessing to you brother..?? #HobbsShaw.” Of course, most of Tank’s adoring fans were happy for him and hope that he really does get a legitimate shot at landing a role for the film. But there’s one person who wasn’t so happy.

I've kept my responses to a minimum because I could care less what "people" think.. Just so we're clear! #Facts

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Fan Defends Tyrese:

One woman took the moment as an opportunity to criticize Tank. Apparently, she felt he publicly made the request to throw shade at Tyrese. The woman ousted Tank for his alleged actions and argued that Tyrese feels some kind of way about the Hobbs film because the Fast and Furious film series holds a special place in his heart. “That’s not cute! Everyone knows how much this means to Tyrese because of his friend he lost! Just remember God doesn’t like ugly and as giveth he can taketh away! Sooooo with that being said,” the Instagram user commented.


The Clap Back:

To many people, it may seem like celebrities aren’t paying attention to social media, but time and time again, they prove they notice much more than people think. Apparently, Tank had time today! Shorty after the woman posted the comment, she actually received a response from Tank. He definitely wasn’t pleased with her assumption so he decided to set the record straight. Tank admitted that the opportunities he’s been blessed with don’t come without hard work. Every opportunity requires some type of legwork from the person looking to achieve the goal. He made it clear that at the end of the day, he’s simply a man trying to feed his family.

Fans quickly chimed in, commending Tank for the way he handled the situation. Based on Tank’s response, he’s made it clear he definitely wants a fair shot at auditioning for the Hobbs Shaw movie. Hopefully, Tank can pull it off because the film would definitely be a great opportunity for him. Do you think Tank was wrong for asking for a role? Share your thoughts with us ILOSM fam.’.

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