Not only Is Kelly Price Proud Of Her Grown Son, The Ladies Are Loving Him Too

Posted On : July 30, 2017

Kelly Price is more than just an amazing singer. She’s also a mother of two and like any mother, she’s proud of her two now-grown babies, Jeffrey and Jonia Rolle. During her 23-year marriage to her ex-husband and father of her children, Jeffrey Rolle, Kelly’s been seen on numerous occasions with her kids.

Kelly Price’s Kids Back Then…

Over past few years, a few things have changed for her son, Jeffrey. He’s been getting his workout on to transform his body for the sake of his career. He’s also taken to social media to share photos of his weight loss journey with fans.

Kelly’s Son Now…

Day 1 of 90. [before]

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His Transformation Photo

Kelly’s Son Now An Entertainer In His Own Right

As y’all can see, Jeffrey is no longer the teen most fans remember. He’s a grown man now. In fact, Jeff is even making a name for himself in the entertainment world. The 24-year-old made his acting debut back in 2015, when he snagged a role in the film, Double Play. Prior to his film debut, Jeff has been involved in theatrical works with years of experience in community-based plays, school plays, and original stage plays.

"A Chance to Live" directed by @timothyfraley debuting April 23rd, 4:30 pm tickets still available @newportbeachfilmfest website

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Now, he’s looking to further expand his career with a move to the silver screen. But not only is his mother pleased with him, Jeff has also caught the attention of The ladies. Last week, Kelly posted a cool pic of herself with her son. The singer named her son as her ‘Man Crush Monday’ and captioned the photo:

“My #MCM is my son @jeffrollejr “Amazing son, father, husband, actor and human being! If I ever doubted having done something right I look at him and that doubt goes away.” #AMothersLove#MyGodIsAmazing #HeGotNext#ILoveMyKids”

Check out their photo:

Shortly after Kelly posted the photo, tons of fans complimented Jeffrey on his good looks. But there’s so much more to Jeffrey that most people don’t know. He even has his own family now. Check out the photo of his beautiful fam’ below…

Congrats to Jeff Rolle Jr.. His future is most definitely lookin’ bright.

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