Not So Fast…Bobby Brown Files Lawsuit To Stop Premiere Of Bobbi Kristina’s Biopic

Posted On : September 11, 2017
Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston, and Bobby Brown

The TV One biopic chronicling the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown is less than one month away from airing. It would seem that everything is already in place for the network to move forward with the premiere but, Bobby Brown’s latest legal move may cause a few issues. According to the New York Post, Bobby Brown has filed a lawsuit against TV One in an effort to stop the biopic from airing.

Not Havin’ It:

It has been reported that Bobby is blasting the network for the film because it reportedly depicts him in a negative light. The lawsuit, which has been filed in Manhattan Federal Court, attacks the network’s attempt to create an imagery of Bobby as a reckless man who did not care for his child. In the film, Bobby, who is portrayed by Hassan Johnson, is depicted as a serious drug user who fails to step up as a father after his daughter lost her mother.

Bobby is also blasting TV One for attempting to profit off of his disheartening circumstances. “The film suggests Brown ‘does not love his daughter [and is not] committed to his daughter,’ Bobby claims in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit. The ‘defamatory and untrue’ film tries to profit off Brown’s pain, insists the ‘My Prerogative’ singer, who denies being abusive to his family.”

Facts Or Foolishness?:

Although Bobby argues that the film is a poor representation of his relationship with his daughter, the producers Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley reportedly have a different take on the situation. Apparently, Baker-Simmons and Shelley were actually Bravo producers who worked with Bobby and Whitney when they filmed the reality series Being Bobby Brown back in 2004. So, the Bobbi Kristina biopic is actually based on information taken from that reality series. Bobby now claims that the production duo “unfairly took advantage of their previous work” with him.

Since the information used for the film is actually from the reality series, TV One isn’t backing down and has defended the film. In a statement to E! News, TV One stated that it will “stand by the film and its representation of this period in Bobbi Kristina’s life.” Bobby Brown is $1 million in damages from the all of the companies associated with the biopic, including TV One, Simmons Shelley Entertainment, and their affiliates.

Bobbi Kristina is set to air on October 8, 2017.

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