Is It A Set Up? O.J. Secretly Photo’d Doing Something That Could Send Him Back To Prison?

Posted On : October 5, 2017

When O.J. Simpson (70) became a free man on October 1st, 2017, after spending 9 years in prison on robbery and kidnapping charges, everybody and their mommas knew he was gonna be under a constant radar. So it comes as know surprise that photos have surfaced that seem to suggest somebody’s trying to set O.J. up to do a 180 and go right back to the pen.’

What’s The Set Up?

It’s just been reported that O.J. was secretly recorded in a private Las Vegas hotel room on Tuesday (10-3-17), trying to make ‘secret money’ under the table. Now, the secret money assumption has not been proven, however, a screenshot from video recorded inside the room, reportedly shows O.J. signing a bunch of his football memorabilia.

Oct. 2017, O.J. caught on camera, reportedly signing his sports memorabilia in Las Vegas hotel room

According to TMZ, he was signing a lot of his Buffalo Bills and USC memorabilia on Tuesday night for two hours. The common sense assumption, is that O.J. plans to secretly sell the memorabilia in some sort of auction and y’all already know he will get BIG PAID if he does.

The Goldman family; O.J.

The problem is that O.J. clearly didn’t know a camera was set up in the private room at the Las Vegas hotel. Why? Because that’s the whole point of going into a “private” room. So obviously, someone’s trying to set O.J. up. Here’s how:

O.J. still owes the Goldman’s (family of Ronald Goldman, who was murdered with O.J.’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson) $100 million in the civil wrongful death lawsuit they won 22 years ago. At the time, the judgement was for $33 million, but the interest brings it to $100M’s, given that O.J. hasn’t paid them one red cent. So any money O.J. earns has to automatically go to the Goldman’s. If he tries to hustle up money under the table, that’ll be a federal tax violation, which then violates the terms of his probation and back to prison he goes.

O.J. probably feels like Rockwell right about now: “I always feel like somebody’s watching meeee…and it ain’t no privacy..”


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