O.J.’s Heated! Speaks Out For 1st Time About Officers Kicking Him Out Of Vegas Hotel

Posted On : November 12, 2017

Listen up ILOSM family: O. J. Simpson does NOT appreciate being told to ‘get tuh steppin’ and banned for life from the glitzy Cosmopolitan Hotel and has something to say about it.

As we previously reported, on Wednesday night (11-8-17), O.J. got kicked clean off the premises of the Las Vegas hotel and casino just 39 days after being released from his 9 year stint at Lovelock prison. Hotel security was called, 911 was called, and O.J. was said to be drunk as a skunk, as we used to say down south.

During O.J.’s alleged drunkenness at the hotel’s bar, it was reported that he got into a heated exchange with one of the employees, voices raised, glasses were broken, etc. Not sure exactly how the glasses at the bar were broken, but it supposedly happened in the midst of the fiasco.

Now, O.J. knows that at 70 years young, he is too far along in his senior citizen years, to be out here acting a fool. In addition to that, he needs to be living life as an upstanding citizen…you know, given his new parole and all. According to O.J. though, he is living life on the straight n’ narrow, and has now spoken out about his Vegas hotel fiasco to clear a few things up.

O.J. Addresses “Bogus” Hotel Claim

When he spoke to paparazzi the other day, O.J. expressed how much he didn’t appreciate being banned from the Cosmopolitan, because he says he did absolutely nothing wrong. Check out what he claims happened that night:

“It ain’t right man, some things ain’t right. NOTHING happened at the Cosmo.’ If the legitimate media would pay any attention and take any time to double check any stories, instead of running with these stories by these tabloid stations…it’s complete LYING, they’re just totally lying to everybody. Then I gotta watch the legitimate media say ‘O.J.’s going back to jail…O’J.’s broken his parole.’ Well, their own tellers made it clear that the story that you saw on that tabloid show was wrong, was inaccurate.

Not only that…the parole guys, these poor guys *sighs*…I was in prison, I saw guys come and go. I know these guys gotta be overworked. these guys had to come and talk to me, they had to go to the hotel, and what did they find out? The story was totally bogus, I’m always nice to everybody. You can’t find one person in this town, in any restaurant, or bar and wherever I’ve been- they all say I’m patient and I’m courteous and take pictures with everybody. And uh, as far as the Cosmo’ go, hey, they don’t want me to come there, I won’t come there. *sighs* It ain’t because I was rude, crude, or drunk, or broke a glass, or something. All of that was completely made up and you could ask anybody that work…that was a completely BOGUS story.”

Y’all believe O.J. on this one, or no?

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