Oh Boy! Aaron Hall DISSED The Hell Outta R. Kelly & Wait ‘Til U See Why!

Posted On : December 8, 2016

We used to believe that Guy member, Aaron Hall, was the romantic, sensitive R&B crooner type, but ever since social media emerged and Aaron Hall has taken a few opportunities to let his true light shine on it, we’ve learned otherwise. Those beautiful love songs Aaron was singing with Guy, were just that- songs, and not exactly a representation of who Aaron, the man, is. He’s really one of the rawest and uncensored R&B cats out there, who cusses up a storm, and will tell it like it is no matter who gets offended by it, which brings us to his thoughts on R.Kelly…


aaron hall1 The video you're about to see is from a while back, but still very entertaining nonetheless, because when speaking on R.Kelly and other R&B dudes, let's just say that *in R. Kelly's voice* Aaron Hall's 'mind was telling him noooooo, but his ego, his EGO was telling him YE-E-EEEES!'>>>

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