Oh Boy! See Why Kelly Price Just Lost $100,000K Lawsuit

Posted On : April 15, 2016


For Kelly Price and her fam,’ the past couple years have been like a roller coaster ride with a lot of dips, twists, and loops- She’s currently divorcing her ex-manager/husband of 23 years, Jeffrey Rolle, which was a move she said was inspired after the sad passing of her sister. She also revealed that she’d gained a good deal of weight while grieving her sister over the past year, but she later revealed that she has since lost the weight and has regained control of her life throughout all of her heartache.

And now she has this issue- the landlord of she and her husband’s former L.A. crib kicked out her husband and her daughter a few months ago after Kelly left Jeffrey and the landlord also filed a lawsuit against them in early March after he claimed that they’d trashed the place. The estimate cost to repair his property was $100,000 and according to DSK, on March 22, 2015, the landlord won the case.


kelly price angry face2

The home in question is the L.A. home that was featured on the first season of “R&B Divas Los Angeles,” where Kelly and her husband were filmed.

Here is a clip of the home on the show…

Kelly Price has been appearing to be enjoying life and unbothered…I guess she figured there’s no need to stress over anything these days, she’s already gone through enough. Hopefully she’ll be able to put this hefty lawsuit behind her soon too.

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