Oh Damn..Here’s Why Flava Flav Just Hit Public Enemy’s Chuck D. w/Major Lawsuit

Posted On : August 30, 2017

It’s a sad day in hip hop when two legendary group members, who’ve been rockin’ with each other for 35 years and giving us fire hits that taught us how to be a ‘rebel without a pause’ are now having to battle it out in court.

Flavor Flav and Chuck D. of Public Enemy

Word on the Old School curb is that while 911 may have been ‘a joke’ to Public Enemy in 1990, Flavor Flav feels like Chuck D. is taking him as a joke in 2017. News has just spread that Flav’ is blaming Chuck and a few others on their team, for trying to stick him for his paper. Below are the details…

Via TMZ: In docs, obtained by TMZ, Flav says he and Chuck have a long-standing agreement to share profits from their music, live concerts and merchandise — but he hasn’t seen a royalty check in several years. Flav says he co-wrote more than 50 of the group’s songs, and he’s especially pissed because Chuck’s still getting paid. What’s worse … the rapper claims his voice and image were used without his consent on the new PE album, “Nothing Is Quick in the Desert” … released in June. Flav says he requested $75k for the record, but only got $7,500. He thought he was going to get the remainder later, but it never came.

Flav’s also going after producer Gary G-Wiz for making a deal to create action figures of Public Enemy without his knowledge. In the suit, Flav says Gary got cash from the toy company, but he got zilch. Flavor Flav’s suing Chuck, Gary and several other PE managers and producers for lost profits and to stop using his mug to make a buck.

Public Enemy: (L-R) Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff

After learning about this unfortunate situation, I feel like Chris Rock in Boomerang when he said, “Damn, first the Fat Boys break up…now this.” Hopefully the whole P.E. crew will work this thing out soon. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

If you haven’t heard yet, check out wedding details of Flav’s and Chuck D.’s group member, Professor Griff, saying “I do” to his new bride/Ginuwine’s ex-wife, rapper Sole,’ HERE.

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