After Usher Accuser Makes New Bogus Claim, Her Attorney Bursts Her Bubble

Posted On : September 6, 2017

In case you’re just plugging into the social media-verse, Usher’s accuser, Quantasia Sharpton a.k.a. Angel Valentino, has just made a another decision that displays more holes in her story than a pack of swiss cheese.

Usher; Attorney Lisa Bloom; Quantasia Sharpton

Quick backstory: Quantasia claims she had sex with Usher at her Days Inn hotel room and she’s suing because she claims he did not inform her he allegedly has herpes. She did not contract herpes though.

Quick update on her newest claims as of 9-5-17: Quantasia did an interview with Youtuber, Miss Jacob and let a huge cat outta the bag that no one believed. She stated that she and Usher made a sex tape on the night of the hookup. Here’s the kicker though, when further grilled about the tape, Quantasia also stated that Usher knew about the tape and willingly participated in it at the time of their so called encounter. She also said that her celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom, was working on obtaining surveillance footage which Quantasia says will show Usher going into the Days Inn hotel that night to meet her. That brings us to the point of this article….

Quantasia’s Attorney Shoots Down Part Of Her Claim

Usher’s accuser, Quantasia

I guess the sex tape claim was so farfetched that it even forced Quantasia’s own attorney, Bloom, to speak out against it. Of course she didn’t wanna throw her own client completely under the bus, Bloom told TMZ that there is no sex tape, but that they do believe there is surveillance video of Usher going into the Days Inn:

Via TMZ: Sharpton’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us her client’s statement is really just a “misunderstanding” … Bloom says there is no sex tape. We’re guessing Bloom had no idea Sharpton did the interview. While the sex tape might be kaput … Bloom says they still believe the two may have been caught on the hotel’s surveillance system.

These were Quantasia’s exact words regarding the sex tape (via her Living Fearless interview):

“We made a sex tape. […] I want Usher in jail. […] He tried to give me herpes.”

That doesn’t quite sound like a “misunderstanding” to me. ILOSM fam,’ I always try to stay neutral in situations like this, because the only ones who know the truth are the accuser and the accused. But it’s been way too many fabrications and outright lies Ms. Sharpton has been publicly busted in and that’s not fair to Usher, nor to any other potentially authentic Usher accusers who may, or may not exist. Even if Ms. Sharpton is telling the truth, her credibility is shot to bits and it’s gonna be hard as hell for her attorney to convince a jury or judge otherwise.

At any rate, IF any of the other allegations against Usher from the other accusers are true, we wish them all the best going forward.

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