Oh Lawd! Mo’Nique Blasts The Hell Outta Oprah, Lee Daniels & Tyler Perry!

Posted On : May 15, 2017

Comedian/actress, Mo’Nique, just went ALL the way off on Oprah Winfrey, directors/screenwriters, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry.


Mo’Nique’s & Daniels’ Longstanding Beef

Many of you may recall when Mo’Nique made claims that Daniels made sure she was getting blackballed in Hollywood, due to her not mentioning his name in her 2010 Oscar Award acceptance speech. And another said reason was for her refusal to in essence, ‘work for free’ by failing to show up to some Oscar pre-award promo events at that time.

At that time, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels both publicly spoke out against each other and Daniels ultimately admitted that Mo’Nique was in fact getting blackballed in the industry, but that it wasn’t his fault, and that it was rather because of her refusal to play by industry rules in Hollywood.

Lee Daniels
Lee Daniels

Daniels was then quoted in a CNN interview as saying:

“We were out on the campaign and she [Mo’Nique] was making unreasonable demands … and this is where reverse racism, I think, happens,” said the film-maker. “I said, ‘You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studio’, and I think she didn’t understand that. And I said, ‘Listen, people aren’t going to respond well if you don’t.’” [Via The Guardian]

Mo’Nique was then quoted on The Breakfast Club as saying this (after she says Lee called her and told her she’d been blackballed without giving any further explanation):

“I had no idea [I’d been blackballed] because I don’t think that Hollywood has turned its nose up to me,” said [Mo’Nique], suggesting someone had decided to “teach Mo’Nique a lesson because she’s not playing the game”. I think that those are feelings that Mr Daniels is having. He said, ‘You know Mo’nique – she didn’t thank the producers [at the Oscars]. She didn’t thank the studio, and that’s just not things that you do.’ Well, it had nothing to do with the producers, nor the studio. Mr Daniels had a problem that I didn’t say his name the night of the Oscar awards.” [Via The Guardian]

Mo’Nique Now Blasts All Three – Winfrey, Daniels, & Perry

Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey
Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Well…that said beef has apparently gone from level 10 to level 1000, because Mo’Nique just went clean off on the three Black Hollywood shot callers during her recent stand up. Check out what she said below and watch the video (via YeahImFamous)…

In reference to being blackballed, Mo’Nique has since changed her term to being “whiteballed” and stating that she was done so by “by some ni$$as who had no balls.” She then went on to name names which were Oprah, Tyler, and Lee.

Watch Mo’Nique’s Pissed Off Diss Below

After realizing she’d been blackballed a while back, Mo’Nique previously admitted that she felt like Hattie McDaniel. Hattie infamously revealed that after being the first African American to win an Oscar in 1940, that she’d ‘felt like she’d done something wrong,’ as a result of how Hollywood treated her afterwards.

Ever since Mo’Nique earned her 2010 Oscar for Precious, she hasn’t really been making major noise in Hollywood as a result of being blackballed for some reason. She’s a helluva talent though, so hopefully we’ll see her back on the big screen and/or television really soon.


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