Oh My! “Purple Rain” Actress Just Spilled Interesting Secret About Her & Prince

Posted On : July 16, 2017
Jill Jones in “Purple Rain”

Remember the ‘waitress’ who had the crush on “the Kid” (Prince) in the iconic 80’s classic, Purple Rain? Her name is Jill Jones and as we previously reported, she was also Prince’s background singer, released a few albums, and today she’s doing well at the age of 55.

When Purple Rain released, Jill was just 22 years old. It’s now been 33 years since the film’s release and she’s just let a lil’ secret slip through the cracks about the real deal between she and Prince. She also revealed another shocker about her connection to the iconic Gordy’s musical family.

Prince performs live at the Fabulous Forum on February 19, 1985  (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Turns out, her character wasn’t the only one crushin’ on “the Kid,” so was she…as in real life. But based on info she recently shared online, her ‘crush’ went waaaay further than that and ultimately morphed into some sort of sexual manifestation with the beloved Purple One.

Jill’s Prince-secret came out in an Instagram post, in which she paid homage to the man who was like a stepfather to her (her mom’s longtime companion)- Motown executive, Fuller Gordy, the brother of Motown founder, Berry Gordy. By the way, that’s the other shocker. Who would’ve thought that the Purple Rain ‘waitress’ was actually linked to one of music’s most iconic families?

Jill Jones today at 55

The Secrets Jill Jones Spilled

In her Instagram Father’s Day tribute to Fuller and her mother, Jill recalled an incident where Fuller busted she and Prince sleeping in Prince’s parked car. She also alluded that they’d just finished having sex…IN the vehicle. Jill said she was a “teen” at that time, but we’re assuming she technically means she was a legal teen (18 or 19) because she reportedly met Prince at the age of 18. Their ‘scandalous’ sexcapade apparently happened a few years before they filmed Purple Rain, so that on-screen chemistry we all witnessed between them was 100% official. Read Jill’s reveal about she and Prince in the her homage to her mother and unofficial ‘stepdad,’ Fuller Gordy…

jilljonesmusic: Now imagine this man on his way to work at Motown; early am like 7:30ish tapping on Prince’s black BMW with tinted windows parked in the driveway; waking me and Prince up in his car. 😂😂😂😂( the car over heated and we decided to , nevermind long story lol) I wasn’t an easy teenager lol but I digress Happy Fathers Day Fuller Gordy. You took the time when my own father did not. I got lucky 🍀 the knowledge, wisdom and values you shared will stay with me forever. Much gratitude & love always. Rest in power to both u and my mom. ❤️🎈🙏🏾

Prince’s Intimate Relationship w/Jill’s Female Co-star

(L) Susan Moonsie; (inset photo) Vanity 6

This actually should come as no surprise because by now, we all know that the late, great Prince got around and sometimes ended up in relationships with his female colleagues. Also, Jill wasn’t the only Purple Rain actress who had a lil’ something going on with The Purple One, so did her beautiful co-star/singer, Susan Moonsie (of Vanity 6). Susan and Prince were childhood sweethearts and stayed together until their early 20’s. Geesh! Prince sure did have a way with the ladies back in the day…gotta luv it. Rest on Prince.

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