Oh No, Aretha Franklin Forced To Cancel Concert Again! Here’s Why

Posted On : June 28, 2017

Although the iconic Aretha Franklin announced, a few months ago, that she’ll be retiring in the near future, she may want to consider making the future nearer than she probably would like to. Why? Because the reality is that she’s been having several health alarms that have been preventing her from fulfilling her scheduled obligations of performing at various events. At the tender age of 75 years young, that’s very understandable.

Her most recent health concern was made public raised on Tuesday (6-27-17). That’s when her doctors ordered her to cancel her upcoming Canada show at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, where she was set to perform at the Toronto Jazz Festival on Saturday.

Rumors have circulated throughout recent years, that Ms. Franklin had a cancer scare, and probably a few other rumored ‘scares’ that we didn’t mention here.

The fact however, is that the Queen of Soul adamantly denied the rumors and ain’t giving up any personal info about her health, because she doesn’t feel that it’s any of her fans’ business, understandably so. So all we can do is respect that and give her her space and some R-E-S-P-E-C-T at this time.

Whatever is going on with Re-Re, we send her well wishes and look forward to seeing her make a speedy recovery. On a side note, we’re not sure if her plans are still on schedule to have her last album- which will be her 42nd studio album- completed this year, but we’ll keep y’all posted for that mega superstar-studded masterpiece.

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