FL. State Attorney Brings MULTIPLE CHARGES Against Laurence Fishburne’s DAUGHTER

Posted On : April 2, 2017

Things just are not seeming to pan out well for the 25 year old daughter of the legendary actor, Laurence Fishburne. His daughter, Montana Fishburne, who first made a name for herself as an adult film star at the age of 19, has had her fair share of issues ever since she stepped in front of the camera.

laurence fishburn and montana fishburne
Laurence Fishburne and daughter, Montana Fishburne

However, for about the past two years or so, she pretty much lived a more quiet life without getting into trouble, but now she’s facing some serious jail time this go ’round.

Details Of Her Drunk Driving Crash

Many of y’all may recall the story we shared from The Black Loop at the time of Montana’s early March (2017) arrest for DUI charges. Her police report was long as hell after she’d rammed her Toyota Corolla into the back of a Range Rover, while apparently hella drunk in the middle of the night on a Fort Lauderdale, Florida highway.

The police report stated that the Range had pressed their breaks to avoid a prior accident on the highway and at that point Montana ran into the back of it, causing massive damage to her car, but thankfully she wasn’t hurt.

Montana Fishburne
Montana Fishburne

The officer wrote, in the report, that Montana’s breathe had a strong alcohol smell when he stepped to her car; that she was “incoherent” when walking around the crash scene; that she’d bent down and urinated on the shoulder of the highway while city personnel were standing nearby; and also that he’d “noticed an open bottle of wine on the rear left floor, and the two front seats were splashed with a purple liquid with a strong odor of alcohol,” in her car.

The report also had Montana’s alcohol level listed as .177 and .181 on the breathalyzer test. Florida’s legal limit is .08.

Montana was arrested for a D.U.I. (driving under the influence), spent one night in jail, and bailed out on a $2500 bond.

The Amount Of Jail Time Montana Fishburne Is Facing

Fast forward to today (4-2-17) and needless to say, Montana has now officially been charged with several offenses and is facing jail as her new home for about one year. Here are the charges:

Via MailOnline: They include DUI (Injury/Property Damage) (Enhanced), DUI (Injury/Property Damage), DUI (Enhanced), Driving Under the Influence.The office filed enhanced charges due to the amount of property damage and her high B.A.C. [blood alcohol count]. Florida law states that if Montana is convicted of a DUI with property damage she faces up to a year in jail, her driver’s license being revoked, a $1,000 fine, substance abuse classes and 50 hours of community service.

A while back, Montana revealed, in an interview, that her father was ashamed by her actions and her career as an adult entertainer:

“He told me he was embarrassed by me,” Montana admitted to The Hollywood Reporter.

Listen, it’s easy for those of us on the outside to judge the ‘superstar actor with the porn star daughter.’ But it’s also easy to see that we’re witnessing a young woman who may be battling some deep inner struggles (this reportedly isn’t her first brush with the law) and probably needs help, love, and a hug, more than she needs nonconstructive criticism. So I’ll simply end this by saying that whatever Laurence Fishburne and his daughter are going through, I sincerely hope they’ll find a peaceful understanding with one another soon.


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