Oh No, New Video Surfaces Of Malia Obama Dazed & Being Carted Off Concert Grounds

Posted On : August 8, 2017
Malia Obama

ILOSM family, an unfortunate situation has just been revealed about Malia Obama’s recent Lollapalooza attendance. As we previously reported, Former First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama’s 19 year old daughter, Malia, was having a blast at the 2017 Lollapalooza Fest in Chicago the other day. We loved that she was letting her hair down and living life.

Unfortunately, at some point, things must have taken a terrible turn for the worse. A short, shocking video clip has just surfaced, of Malia being carted off of the Lalapalooza premises in a security golf cart, looking completely dazed and out of it.

Watch Video Of Malia Getting Carted Out Of Concert

At first glance, it looked like maybe there was a medical problem with Malia, but after a slow-mo version was shown, it simply seems like she may have had too much to drink. This is all speculation of course and there has been no official announcement of exactly what was wrong with Malia that night. However, one thing was clear- that she appeared to be unable to walk on her own and she clearly was zoned out in some way.

We Were All Young Before…Remember?

Here’s the thing family: One day, Malia will look back on this embarrassing moment and be able to file it under the ‘Young, dumb, and free’ chapter of her life. That is by no means a diss to Malia, nor the Obamas, because the fact of the matter is that 99.9% of all of us reading this right now, know good n’ well we ALL had that same chapter in our own lives.

“Brush the dirt off your shoulder”

Therefore, not to sound too cliche’-ish, but before we go judging the intelligent and thoughtful young lady the Obama’s have raised Malia to be, let’s first dig into our own 19-20-something year old past and remind ourselves of our many regretful mishaps…just saying. Anywho, best wishes to Malia…she’ll probably be a trending topic across social media for the next few days because of her new video…but this too shall pass.

Our advice to Malia, in the words of one her Dad’s favorite rappers- Jay Z- “brush your shoulder off,” let haters hate, and keep it moving. Your parents still have your back…

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