Oh No, See What Chaka Khan’s Son Was Allegedly Just Arrested For…

Posted On : November 20, 2015

fb chaka khan close upNews has been spreading rapidly about Chaka Khan’s son. Unfortunately word on the Old School curb is that Chaka’s 36 year old son, Damien Holland, was arrested Thursday evening (11-20-2015) along with his friend, Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis, who is the grandson of a very wealthy oil tycoon by the name of Marvin Davis.

Here is what was reported via DailyMail:

Damien Holland was in a vehicle with Jason ‘Gummy Bear’ Davis in Beverly Hills, LA on Thursday when they were spotted by cops.

According to TMZ the pair were pulled over and were allegedly driving the stolen car, which was a white Audi Q5.

And when police searched the vehicle they reportedly discovered stolen mail.

According to the website Davis and Holland were arrested and then booked with identity theft and possession of a stolen property.

The pair are still waiting to find out if they will get booked for possession of a stolen car.

Photo posted by Eurweb of Chaka Khan's son
Photo posted by Eurweb of Chaka Khan’s son

Hopefully we will be able to eventually update this story and tell y’all that Chaka’s son was arrested after a big misunderstanding and he did no wrong, but as it stands right now, it’s not looking that way.

Neither Chaka’s son, Damien, nor the oil tycoon’s grandson, Jason, have any reason whatsoever to “steal” anything, but both of them have had their fair share of problems in the past.

When Damien was 25 years old, he was on trial for the 2004 murder of his friend, Christopher Bailey (17). What allegedly happened was that they were apparently living at Chaka’s home at that time and got into an argument after Christopher allegedly made claims that he had sexual contact with Damien’s girlfriend, who is also the mother of his daughter. At some point Damien allegedly pointed an M-16 assault rifle at his friend’s head and he said it accidentally went off. Throughout the trial Damien was adamantly claiming he never meant to kill his friend and that it was truly a mistake. Chaka had to actually testify on his behalf and Damien was eventually acquitted of all charges in 2006, because testimonies and evidence did seem to prove that Damian was telling the truth.

Damien also had a history with drugs and as of 2012 Chaka did an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, stating that he was completely drug free now.

Jason "Gummy Bear" Davis, the grandson of oil baron, Maron Davis
Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis, the grandson of oil baron, Maron Davis

His friend, Jason Davis, has made it no secret that he has had a serious drug problem in the past as well. He appeared on Celebrity Rehab and the world witnessed him going through his ups and downs as he battled his addictions. We don’t know whether or not he was still addicted to drugs of any kind at the time of his arrest yesterday though.

Fast forward to today and here we are…Damien has allegedly gotten caught up in a legal bind again and Jason is with him. We’ll keep you posted if we get any further details and like I said, hopefully our next update on this will have a very different outcome.

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