Oh Wow! Have U Seen Lionel Richie’s YOUNGER Girlfriend?

Posted On : November 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.48.23 PM Bam! Here are recent pics of Lionel and his girlfriend. Richie is 66 years young and the brotha has got to be one of the youngest looking 66 year olds ever, but his girlfriend is clearly much younger than him.
lionel richie and girlfriend14
lionel richie and girlfriend12Her name is Lisa Parigi and we’re not sure how old she is, but at most she’s right around half his age. In fact, she doesn’t look much older than his oldest daughter, Nicole Richie. Parigi was born in Switzerland and she is a model and an entrepreneur with her own lifestyle website.
lionel richie and girlfriend11Okay while we’re on the topic of Lionel’s girlfriend, I have a confession: I recall seeing her with Richie at an awards show not too long ago, and I actually assumed she was Richie’s daughter that maybe we never knew about, but noooope, that is his woman and they make a great couple.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.49.07 PMNow if you think Lionel’s working on marriage number three, think again. Richie said he ain’t trying to hear any wedding bells any time soon. He divorced his most expensive ex-wife, Diane, in 2004. He and Diane have two kids together and Richie also has his daughter, Nicole, with his first ex-wife Brenda. He admitted earlier this year, that he is very content with being wife-less. And based on the checks he’s dishing out monthly to Diane, I can’t say that I blame him.

Based on their lovey dovey photos, it looks like Lionel Richie thinks his lady is once twice three times the lady and he lo-o-oves her. Okay that was corny, but don’t judge me, I couldn’t help it, “Three Times The Lady” is still a classic jam in my book.

Anyways, we wish Lionel and Lisa a very long lasting relationship and by the way, when we find that fountain of youth Lionel’s been drinking from that makes him look more like 46 instead of 66, we’ll update this article and let you know.

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