Oh Wow! Look At What Etta James Said She Watched Ike Do To Tina Turner!

Posted On : June 26, 2015

BLOG etta and ike and tina Etta James once revealed a story about the time she was performing and her friends, Ike and Tina Turner decided to stop by to pay her a visit and sadly, here’s what happened next according to Etta…

“Ike and Tina visited me in my dressing room after a performance. Tina said, ‘Look what Ike bought me.’ She loved showing off her wardrobe. I knew the clothes came from thieving women who were also in love with Ike but I didn’t say anything. Suddenly, Ike said he had some business to do and left. Tina said, ‘Look at this diamond Ike gave me,’ as she pulled the ring from her purse and started putting it on her finger. It was…


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