Awww…See Denzel Give His 99 Year Old Teacher The SURPRISE Of Her Life!

Posted On : December 10, 2016

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Ms. Connie Mauro is living out her glory years in Marietta, Georgia, at Atria Senior Living Center. Daily, she knits scarves and then donates those scarves to the Boys and Girls Club.

You see, the Boys and Girls Club is near and dear to her heart as she worked as a librarian for the organization for 50 years! Over the years, Ms. Connie has read to hundreds of children but one particular boy stood out.


In Mount Vernon, New York, one of the children that she read to lived directly across the street from the library. In fact, she gave him his first library card. Ms. Connie always remembered him for his unique name. Of course, she also remembered how adorable he was. She had no idea that he would grow up to be the Denzel Washington, an Oscar winning Hollywood icon.


Ms. Connie shared with the director of her senior living home, Katie Barrentine, about her years as a librarian. To Katie’s surprise, Ms. Connie revealed to her that she knew actor Denzel Washington when he was a child. Katie knew that she would make Ms. Connie’s year if she could reunite them again.

So, Katie made a video of Ms. Connie asking Denzel to call her for her 99th birthday. It took a while but Katie was persistent. The video reached Denzel’s publicist and he called Ms. Connie on her 99th birthday jokingly asking her was she “29”.

Watch the heartwarming moment below: 

Not only did Ms. Connie remember Denzel, but he remembered her. She told Denzel that she loved him and that he was her special library student.

The two old friends laughed at how Denzel wanted a skinny book for his book reports. The slick library kid, turned Hollywood icon made her day! He was excited to talk to her and then he decided that he’d pay her a visit while in Atlanta promoting his movie, “Fences.” Check them out below…

Denzel Washington is a man of his word. When he landed in Atlanta, he made sure to see his favorite librarian, 99-year-old Connie Mauro.

Oftentimes, Ms. Connie would tell people that she knew him and this time, she was able to prove it.

Not only did Denzel spend time with her, he spent time with everyone at the senior living facility.

Connie, her daughter-in-law, and her grandson ended up accompanying Denzel to the screening of his movie.

She brought him one of her legendary scarves; the rest they donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

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