OMG! After “ComingToAmerica” U Will NOT Believe Where This Actor Ended Up

Posted On : August 3, 2016

Remember the royal wedding scene in “Coming To America” when “Prince Akeem” (Eddie Murphy) was about to marry the woman his dad (James Earl Jones) chose as his bride (Vanessa Bell Calloway)? If you remember that, then you also remember the tall ‘woman’ who barged through the crowd first, to announce the bride. “Akeem” was about to pass out when he thought ‘she’ was his new bride, LOL. That ‘woman’ was actor, Billi Gordon, and he has been through a LOT of ups and downs in his life, but to see where he is now is amazing…


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.23.56 PM Gordon husband of 30+ years said this about Gordon's past struggles with weight:

"I accept him for all he is. My greatest hope for him would be to lose weight that would free him. He can't get to places he needs to go to, he can't get to places where he wants to go. He has this synthetic life -- it's TVs and computers and a room. It wasn't like this before." -via LATimes, 2009
It looks like Billi Gordon has great support around him and that's a beautiful thing. His health still isn't the greatest due to weight related issues that he still deals with, but the bright side is that he's able to function in life a little better.

***By the way, Gordon's husband is a very private person, so that's why you don't see a photo of him, but instead we randomly chose the above pic of President Obama getting a kick out of Billi Gordon's hilarious royal wedding scene in "Coming To America" just because we thought it was cool to see.***
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