Diana’s Son, Evan, Reveals Amazing Hidden Talent & Shows His Precious Daughter

Posted On : August 1, 2017
(L) Evan Ross and mother, Diana Ross; (R) Evan and wife/singer, Ashlee Simpson

Diana’s grandbaby is getting so big these days it’s making us ask, ‘Where in the world did the time go?!!’  As we previously reported, ‘the boss,’ Ms. Ross’ youngest child, 29 year old Evan Ross, had a baby girl with his wife/singer, Ashlee Simpson, in 2015.

Daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party Was Off The Chain w/Bananas & Vinyl

This is the one!! #JAGGERBDAY love you my baby

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Jagger Snow Ross is her name and she’ll be 3 years old on July 30th, but for her 2nd birthday, she had a cool retro Andy Warhol themed party, equipped with real vinyl records, fake bananas, a Mickey Mouse cake with a Warhol-style can of soup, that read “Jagger’s Tomato Soup,” and a whole lotta love.  Jagger Snow’s family, including her two famous aunts- singer, Jessica Simpson and actress, Tracee Ellis Ross- turned up for her birthday party, as you can see below…

Jagger Snow surrounded by her parents and family for 2nd birthday party (Instagram)

Looking just like her Pops, with her grandmother Diana Ross’ beautiful eyes, Jagger was in her element for her party, as she painted the vinyl records with colorful artistry.

Evan Ross’ Phenomenal Hidden Talent

Speaking of art, we had NO idea Evan Ross knew his way around an easel and art utensils! Turns out, that dude is hella talented. Not only can he sing and act on a very seasoned level- y’all remember when he starred in the ATL movie with T.I. and Laura London right?- but he can also draw.

New work!

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Evan displayed his artistic skills on Instagram, highlighting his artwork that went up on display at a high end art show recently. Evan’s marker art included portraits of the iconic James Brown, Muhammad Ali, The Rat Pack, Willie Nelson and many more.

And there alive

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He’s also put his wax pencils and markers to the easel to immortalize his iconic mother, Diana…

NEW Work of mine of my mother!! #LADYSINGSTHEBLUES. Proud of this Piece

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Free hand! MOM

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Something In Common With His Idol, Michael Jackson- Art

On a side-note, I can only imagine that for some believers of the everlasting Michael Jackson-Evan-Diana Ross conspiracy, this new artistic revelation about Evan will only heighten their suspicions. What suspicions you ask? Suspicions of some who believe that Evan’s real father is actually MJ, Diana’s rumored ex-boyfriend, and not Evan’s father, the late Arne Naess Jr., Diana’s former husband.

As most of us know by now, Michael Jackson knew his way around an easel and sketch pad too. He had crazy artistic skills that many fans didn’t learn of until after his untimely death in 2009.

Michael Jackson’s self drawn depictions of himself (via Instagram)

So of course some conspiracy theorists may suspect that Evan’s artistic ability was ‘inherited’ from Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s self drawn portrait of himself as a child (via Pinterest)

The bottom line is that Evan’s art is the bomb-dot-com and he and Ashlee Simpson’s daughter is as cute as a button.

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