OMG! Have U Seen “Fanta” From “Roots” Lately?!!

Posted On : May 13, 2016

If you’re from the 70’s and 80’s eras, you probably remember the actress who played “Fanta” in the popular TV mini-series, “Roots.” She was “Kunta Kinte’s” (LaVar Burton) first love in the series. Her name is Ren Woods and just in case you missed “Roots,” you may recognize her from her many other roles, including roles in the films, “Car Wash,” “Hair,” and in TV shows like “What’s Happening,” “The Jeffersons,” “The White Shadow,” and many more. Well we have some recent pics of Mrs. Woods that will blow your mind. It’s been a long time since we seen her in “Roots” talking to her TV Daddy, O.J. Simpson, and we are pleasantly pleased with what we see…


REN WOODS IS ALSO A SINGER Before Ren Woods starred in "Roots" and "Car Wash," she was actually singing, but her acting career just took off at that time. She released two albums- her first album, "Out of the Woods," was originally supposed to be produced by Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire in 1979. Due to some changes at EW&F's label at the time, Maurice got tied up with other responsibilities and his EW&F band member, Al McKay, ended up producing that album. Prince also composed a popular single on Ren's second album, "Azz Izz." The single was called "I Don't Want To Stop." See how good Ren is looking now>>>

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