OMG! K-Ci Serenades His Newly Single Ex, Mary J., At Vh1 Event, Crowd Goes Crazy

Posted On : May 9, 2017

If you missed VH-1’s Dear Mama special that aired Monday night (5-8-17), you missed a pretty good show. The show didn’t make me do the running man and jump for joy or anything, but for the network that is widely known for their reality shows, they really put their foot into this Mother’s Day special.

Dear Mama host, Anthony Anderson cuttin' up on stage
“Dear Mama” co-host, Anthony Anderson cuttin’ up on stage

It was hosted by comedic actor, Anthony Anderson, who had everybody crackin’ up and his co-host, actress LaLa Anthony. There were several musical stars in the line up, including the legendary Gladys Knight, as well as Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Kelly Rowland, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, and more. It’s those latter two artists who caused all the ruckus across the internet though.

So first of all, we wanna give an Old School fist bump and hand clap to Jodeci for stepping on VH-1’s stage and turning it ALL the way up with their performance. Rusty? Who’s rusty? After 27 years in the music game, it damn sure isn’t Jodeci. Those cats proved they haven’t lost a step and have only gotten more seasoned with time.

Now That Mary’s Single Is K-Ci Trying To Seize The Opportunity?

There were a few elephants in the room regarding their performance, but we’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s talk about how Jodeci shook up the place with his killer performance and brief serenade and/or public plea to his ex-girlfriend, Mary.

K-Ci and Dalvin of Jodeci performing at "Dear Mama" event
K-Ci and Dalvin of Jodeci performing at “Dear Mama” event

During their performance of “Forever My Lady,” K-Ci stepped off stage to engage with the audience in his classic K-Ci style, with hands and arms flailing in the air and a tinge of old school mannerisms reminiscent of a down south preacher and Bobby Womack. Anywho, he gestured for Mary and her mother, Cora Blige, to stand up and then he approached them. In what appeared to be a silent gesture to Ms. Cora of ‘I still love you as my play mother-in-law,’ he gave her a loving hug. Then he pointed at Mary and sang the line “If ever loose you, tell me where will I go…” Mary smiled and maybe even blushed at his public display of affection and the crowd quickly caught it.

K-Ci then moved on and did one of the most comical things we’ve seen in a while- he stepped to Anthony Anderson’s mother and to her surprise,  shook up her wig and kept it movin’ as he sang to the rest of the crowd.

Watch Jodeci Perform On Dear Mama VH1 Special

The Elephants In The Room

Now onto those elephants in the room, there were two of them that no one seems to be discussing.
1. Why did Jodeci perform as a duo? It was just K-Ci and Dalvin, but where were Jo-Jo and Devante Swing?!!

jodeci now
2. Did anybody catch that it was former Death Row singer, Danny Boy, singing backup for them and filling in for Jo-Jo’s typically high notes of the song? Y’all remember Danny Boy right? In recent years he caused quite a stir when he publicly came out as a gay man. He held his own on that stage and sang the hell outta those notes too. Danny’s pictured below on the left…

#anthonyanderson #vh1 #dearmama #legendarymoments

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Will Mary J. & K-Ci Reunite?

As we previously reported, Mary J.’s brother jokingly revealed in a prior interview that K-Ci is still very cool with the Blige family and makes it no secret that he still loves Mary. Only time will tell if Mary wants her ol’ thang back though. Meanwhile K-Ci will probably be waiting in the wings looking in her direction like this…

K-ci of Jodeci, Mary J.'s ex-boyfriend.
K-ci of Jodeci, Mary J.’s ex-boyfriend.

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