OMG! Melvin VanPeebles Had REAL Sex In THIS Film,See What Happened To Him Tho

Posted On : December 31, 2016

Melvin Van Peebles may be a legendary name in entertainment today, but back in the day, life wasn’t so easy. For those who don’t know, Melvin scraped and struggled to make ends meet to bring on of his 70’s films to fruition and boy, did he pay the ultimate price for it…


screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-10-27-14-am Melvin Van Peeebles' Sweet Sweetback's Badaaas Song was filmed with a $150,000 budget that he barely managed to scrape together by sometimes lying, hustling, and muscling his way through it. To avoid paying his staff and actors the high union fees, which he couldn't afford, Melvin disguised the action packed film as a porn movie. When union officials showed up on the set, Melvin would spontaneously shoot real hardcore porno sex scenes. Since he had no money to pay for stuntmen, he performed all "stunts" himself, including the parts where he jumped off of a bridge nine times and also, you guessed it...the REAL sex scenes...

Because the film centers around a young brotha who was born in a brothel and initiated to sex at the age of 12, Melvin used the troubling childhood of the main actor to peak the interest of viewers with ad lines like, "Rated X by an All-White Jury." However, the story goes a bit deeper than just sex because the main character grows up to become a local hero who took down two racist cops and managed to evade capture. But, with success comes sacrifice and his sex scenes ultimately gave him a gift that kept on giving...

Wait 'til you see what happened next>>>

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