OMG! Monica’s Fans DISRESPECT Brandy’s MOMMA, See How She &Brandy Hit Back Tho

Posted On : November 30, 2016

Remember how back in the day when a neighborhood bully was picking on another kid on the block and then the kid’s Momma went outside and told her child “You better stand up for yourself or else I’mma beat your a$$.” Well that’s kinda like what’s happening here with Brandy, Monica, and Sonja Norwood…sort of. See why things just got REAL below…


Monica-and-Brandy Sonja as you can see, ain't no punk either, so when a few more fans came at her over this Brandy/Monica situation, she checked them in a grown folks way...Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 8.49.42 AM And she even signed off with a lil' bit of Hammer Time 'Can't Touch This' action... Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 8.49.54 AM And boom! *Sonja drops mic*
Thoughts ILOSM?

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