OMG! Remember This Scandalous Chick In “NewJackCity?” Wait Til U SEE HER NOW

Posted On : January 22, 2017

Most of us, Old Schoolers, will never forget the 1991 hood classic, New Jack City. Many of the actors were so realistic, they made us believe that they really were those characters. Speaking of which, who remembers the sexy, scandalous character, “Uniqua?” She was “Gee Money’s” (Allen Payne) woman, who did him dirty by hooking up with his ‘CMB brother,’ “Nino Brown” (Wesley Snipes), behind his back. *In Gee Money’s voice* “CMB, we all we got!” My bad y’all, I couldn’t resist. Now back to “Uniqua,”…she did her thing in ’91, but we haven’t seen her much since…until now. Check her out below…


Al B. Sure! in Concert These two pics are from Al B.'s 'Heartbreak Tour' when he performed at the Madison Square Garden, 1988. Al B. Sure! in Concert We don't now if this was just a playful concert appearance, or if there was something more going on between them. But either way, based on where Al B.'s hand is at, it looks like he wouldn't have minded taking it there right there on stage, LOL.

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