OMG! See Why Folks BASHED Fantasia Over Canceled All Lives Matter Concert

Posted On : September 26, 2016

Fantasia attempted to do a good deed for the people of her home state, North Carolina, but that good deed turned into a good virtual beatdown for her once it was all said and done. *SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO OF FANTASIA & HUSBAND SPEAK ON THIS*

After Fantasia had vowed a few days ago, to return home to North Carolina and stand with her people who were protesting the brutal murder of Keith Lamont Scott- the 43 year old African American man who was recently slaughtered in cold blood by N.C. police- she stayed true to her word and showed up in N.C..

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Fantasia’s original plan was to throw a free concert to pay homage to Scott and raise awareness about the countless police killings. The only problem was that when people found out that Fantasia named her concert an ‘All Lives Matter’ concert, most of them soon started calling her out online for trying too had to ride the line and not shoot straightforward to let the world know that she was really trying to denounce the thousands of Black people being unjustly killed by police, which statistically far outnumbers the amount of police killings/shootings of any other race in America.

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Nevertheless Fantasia and her husband, Kendall Taylor, took to Facebook to let her fans know that she had to cancel the show at the last minute for what she says was solely because it would be in conflict with the Carolina Panthers game. BUT she also stated in a second video that the backlash she was seeing was ‘bothering’ her so she wanted her ‘King’ to speak on it.

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Via NYDaily News:The 32-year-old North Carolina native [Fantasia] tweeted an invitation for fans to join her “for a peaceful protest” Sunday evening. She followed up the message with a poster for an “All Lives Matter” concert titled “Hear Me Now,” which she promoted as including performances from Anthony Hamilton, John P. Kee and Dennis Reed, at Romare Bearden Park.

But less than two hours later, the singer deleted both tweets and posted a video saying Charlotte police told her she couldn’t hold her concert because of the Panthers game, less than a mile away from the park.


“It wasn’t just about music. I don’t know if people were coming out thinking they were going to hear my songs, but what they were really going to hear was worship. They were going to hear worship and prayer and poetry reading and strong men coming together to see if we can pull in our men. Not just only black, not just only white. People were out protesting today, it wasn’t just Black people. It was White people, it was Latino people.”

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“I have a lot of white employees, white colleagues, white business partners. I have a mixed grandchild. And I’m not going to discount that a black life is of lesser value than a white life or Hispanic life or Asian life or Latino life. Black lives matter because all lives matter,” Kendall said on Facebook Live.

Now that people around the country are aware that ‘Tasia was going to throw an “AllLivesMatter” concert IN N.C., they’re still angry that she even had that thought in the first place. Here are some of the reactions Fantasia received online…

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Via Facebook

And there were some who defended Fantasia’s AllLivesMatter stance…

ILOSM fam’ do you agree or disagree with Fantasia’s and Kendall’s decision to emphasis AllLivesMatter instead of BlackLivesMatter?

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