OMG! See What Tito Jackson Thinks A ‘THOT’ Is, He Has NO Clue!

Posted On : July 1, 2016

Watching Tito Jackson try to define what “THOT” means is pure comedy. THOT stands for ‘that hoe over there’ and it’s a new way of describing a promiscuous woman. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Tito was asked about Big Daddy Kane’s use of the term on his new album, “Tito Time,” and let’s just say we’re old school and proud of it, but Tito’s answer is what happens when you ask one of us OG’s to describe new school slang. Sometimes it’s better if we just stay in our grown folks lane, LOL…


Tito didn't know if THOT meant one was in deep thought, or was dotting the letter "I" on a piece of paper. (He talks about THOTS at 1:44 mark in the video above):
VladTV: Big Daddy Kane said you're not just an around the way THOT. Do you know what a THOT is? Tito: "I don't know what a DOT is...I don't know what a DOT means." When the term is clarified for Tito, he still gets it wrong: Tito: "'Thought' a 'round the way 'thought.' It's just a thought that just won't go away you know, something that you think, LOL. That's a little bit outta my generation."
Tito's response reminds us of Mike Epps' comedy skit when he talked about how old schoolers are always confusing the slang terms youngins use today. Epps detailed the time his nephews got their 82 year old grandmother to say the phrase from the rap song, "Getting Some Head," but she was unaware that was a new term for oral sex and they cracked up off of that. Moral of the story is that we, Old Schoolers, should be careful when using new slang before we embarrass ourselves out here, LOL. Check out that hilarious Mike Epps video clip>>>
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ILOSM fam’ sometimes we, Old Schoolers, just need to stay in our lane, or else we’ll ended making a plum fool outta ourselves…LOL.

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