OMG! Lil Mo Calls THIS $250M Pop Star A THOT! Does She Have A Point Tho?

Posted On : June 6, 2016

Singer/radio host, Lil Mo, has a voice like an angel, but if you’re expecting her personality to be “angelic,” think again. In other words, Lil Mo has no filter when she speaks and that’s what we dig about her. Even if we don’t always agree with what she says, it’s still refreshing (and entertaining) to see a celeb not play the politically correct card out of fear of backlash and just unleash their thoughts freely. ‘Unleash’ is EXACTLY what Mo did live on her radio show, when she went clean OFF on a $750 million pop star who’s seen as America’s pop princess…


lil mo and taylor5 Here's what Lil Mo said about Taylor Swift on her radio show, 'The Fam' In The Morning,' as she and her co-hosts were covering the recent news that Taylor split with yet another celeb boyfriend, singer Calvin Harris:

“So she’s been with everybody,” said Lil Mo. “Okay, that’s great for the album but let’s talk about that bacteria vaginosis. You keep on switching it out, your pH is gonna be all out of pocket. So, Miss Swift, I want you to slow that thing on down. Bring that thing to a halt. You know the Metro cuts off at midnight.”
Mo continued...
“Miss Swift, cross your legs. No, because we always talk about the Kardashians and everybody is [saying] ‘Hoe is life’ and ‘hoes be winning.’ Taylor Swift, you’re a THOT. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a THOT.”
FOOD FOR THOUGHT Frankly I don't care who Kim Kardashian (35) nor Taylor Swift (26) date, dated, or will date, but I do think the double standards that exist in our society are interesting: Kim K. has publicly dated 18 celebrity men in the past 18 years and in the last 8 years Taylor Swift has publicly dated 8 celebrity men. Therefore, it looks like Taylor's right on track with Kim K.'s track record. So although I think Lil Mo was harsh on Taylor and I don't think neither of the ladies should be labeled as anything, the question is: Does Lil Mo have a point with her Kim K.- Taylor Swift comparison though?

Why does society view one as a hoe and the other as a princess? Is the only difference Kim K.'s sex tape with her then boyfriend, Ray J? Or is it because Kim's dubbed as a gold digger (although in reality her earning power is through the roof, just like Taylor Swift's)? This isn't to put down Taylor... nor take up for Kim K. by any means, because I still don't know what she's famous for. But this is rather just food for thought, which we'll file under our 'Things that make you go 'hmmmm' section.
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