OMG! U Won’t BELIEVE How Muhammad Ali Responded To Rumors Of His DEATH!

Posted On : April 11, 2016

Muhammad Ali
In case you haven’t heard, many rumors have been circulating about the iconic Muhammad Ali being dead, or being “near death.” That’s why two of Ali’s daughters had to speak out and reveal how their Pops reacts to the “death” rumors that he is dying and his response is CLASSIC Ali…we love it! Here’s what Maryum Ali and Hana Ali said when asked by if their dad was in severe shape and how he reacts every time they tell him about a new death rumor about him:

Hana: “My dad loves making the news even if [it] means he’s dying, so he doesn’t think it’s bad. I’ve said to him, ‘Dad you’re in the news, people think you’re dying.’ He says, ‘They do? Did I make the front page?’ That’s all he wants to know.”

ali and daughter maryum young
Muhammad Ali and his daughter, Maryum

Maryum: “There hasn’t been one story that’s been real about his health. There was one that was real where he was dehydrated but he wasn’t dying.

“Parkinson’s is… the brain produces dopamine and his brain doesn’t produce that anymore. It controls your motorfunctions, so his motorfunctions are deficient. He doesn’t walk the same anymore, he doesn’t move the same way. He’s had it for 30 years and the progression was very slow. It attacks people differently. With Michael J Fox, it doesn’t attack his speech as much, but he shakes more. A lot of people with Parkinson’s speak in whispers.

ali punch2

“Unless you get a report from his wife or children, it’s all fake because we would never lie about his health. We’re just not that kind of family. People who know him, but are not near him a lot today like his brother, don’t understand Parkinson’s. It’s been amazing how negligent reporters have been. But however, we know it sells magazines. He’s a big figure, he has an illness. It used to be bad for us, the first time it was reported I panicked and called my stepmother and said ‘is this true?’. Now when we hear it we don’t panic as much.”

Speaking of just how much the champ is alive and kicking, he attended an event the other night in Phoeniz, AZ for a huge event that was in his honor. The event was the 22nd annual Celebrity Fight Night and it raises money to find cures for Parkison’s disease, which is what Ali suffers from.

Muhammad Ali and country music singer, Carrie Underwood at the 22nd annual Celebrity Fight Night
Muhammad Ali and country music singer, Carrie Underwood at the 22nd annual Celebrity Fight Night

Many stars came out and supported the champ for the event and after a video tribute was played celebrating him, the crowd rose to their feet and gave him a big standing ovation. Ali’s appearance once again put some people’s fears to rest that the “rope-a-dope” king is on his last leg of life.

And there you have it family- the good news is that Ali is still being honored as the champ; the great news is that he’s helping to raise money for a very serious disease and that the “death” rumors are in fact, faker than a two dollar bill.

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