OMG! Vanity’s SISTER Is A ‘Coming To America’ ACTRESS Who Dated Eddie Murphy

Posted On : March 17, 2017
UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of Vanity Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

ILOSM fam’ the late former Vanity 6 lead singer, Denise “Vanity” Matthews, has two beautiful sisters. As if that wasn’t already surprising enough to those of us who had no clue Vanity had siblings at all, we have another shocker to share. It was brought to our attention, a while back, that one of Vanity’s sisters is an actress who was in Coming To America. *SCROLL DOWN TO SEE BOTH OF VANITY’S SISTERS*

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Although I’ve watched Coming To America more times than I can count, I never put two and two together that Vanity’s sister was actually in the film.

If you’ve seen Coming To America, you will probably be like ‘Say what? SHE is Vanity’s sister?’ Well, at least that was the response of some of us, here at ILOSM.  See who she is below…

Meet Vanity’s Sister, Patricia

Her Coming To America Role: “I Worship The Devil” Actress

Vanity's sister, Patricia Matthews
Vanity’s sister, Patricia Matthews

Vanity’s sister is actress, Patricia Matthews, the woman who played the devil worshipper in Coming To America. Although her role was brief, it was still hilarious. She’s the woman who Eddie’s and Arsenio’s characters (“Akeem” and “Semmi”) met when they went to a nightclub to try to find Eddie’s character a “Queen” to take back home to Africa. They struck out big time and Patricia’s character ran them away as soon as she said her line, “I’ve got a secret, I worship the devil.” LOL.

Patricia was also a model and she didn’t have a long stint in the acting world. She’s most known for her roles in Coming To America (1988),  She Cried No (1996) and The First of May (1999). We have no idea what Patricia is up to nowadays, but we found an Old School interview she and her beloved sister, Vanity  being interviewed on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1986.

She Was Eddie’s Woman Too

Another Old School fun fact about Patricia, is that she dated Eddie Murphy back in the day, prior to him marrying his now ex-wife, Nicole Murphy…

Eddie Murphy with then girlfriend, Patricia Matthews (Vanity's sister) in Jet Magazine)
Eddie Murphy with then girlfriend, Patricia Matthews (Vanity’s sister) in Jet Magazine)

Watch Vanity and Patricia reveal that info to Arsenio, as Vanity attempts to explain her short jail stint, this is too funny…also see their other gorgeous sister on the next page…


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