OMG! Video Of Jamie Foxx ATTACKED In Public, But See What He Did Next Tho!

Posted On : January 9, 2017

Actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx is clearly a triple threat in the world of entertainment, but from the looks of this footage that has just surfaced, he may need to add the king of “put the paws on ’em” to his long list of talents and accomplishments…


The video of the fight (above) is grainy, but Jamie is said to be in the middle of the fiasco, Tyrin is reportedly somewhere in the mix too, and their other homeboy is the one wearing the hat, holding the guy in a chokehold. Apparently when the men hit the floor and the spectators start yelling, that was when Jamie was bringing the dude down, until the fight was broken up. Guess the stranger won't try to test a random celeb' anymore. In the video below, it was all good just minutes before...
Moral of the story: Don't let the Rolexes and Armani fool ya,' celebs weren't always celebs...they could take it back to the hood if you try 'em, just ask Jamie Foxx, Tyrin Turner! Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 7.23.28 PM
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