OMG…We Found The ‘Bubbling Brown Sugar’ Kids From ‘What’s Happening’

Posted On : April 21, 2017

givens kids

Antonio Givens

Antonio Givens (third from the left in above pic) is currently working his way back to health after suffering a massive stroke in 2013. His son, Amir Givens, says his Pops survived like a champ, but the stroke caused him to be disabled on the left side of his body. The last we heard from his family, Antonio was residing at Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and receiving fan letters and well wishes at 480 N Walnut St, East Orange, NJ 07017 (the facility’s address). We’re not sure if he’s still there, but hopefully he’s doing better now. Below are a few photos of Antonio with his children, Amir and Ashlee.
antonio and kidsantonio son

antonio givens

Derrick Givens

One of the Givens brothers is still singing professionally. This is where it started for Derrick Givens
audrey and brother derek2

audrey and brother textgivens kidsderrick givens caption of bubbling brown pic

And here is Derrick Givens today…
derrick close up derrick good

Derrick has a new single out on iTunes titled “If You Could See,” so be sure to check him out.

derrick itunes

Derrick is now married and has a son and a daughter. Here is his family…
derrick and family

Anthony Givens

This is Anthony Givens. As far as we know, he is no longer involved in music, but he is married and has a daughter. Here are a few pics of him, with his wife, Audrey and their daughter…
other anothy and wife other anthony and familyOverall, it’s really good to see that the The Givens Kids are still doing well and we wish Antonio a 100% recovery. This finally puts an end to the mystery of ‘Where in the world did those “Bubbling Brown Sugar” kids disappear to?’ Like we always say: We learn something new everyday around here. Thanks for reading!

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