OMG,See The Famous ACTRESS GIRLFRIEND T.RILEY Wrote MJ’s Love Songs About

Posted On : September 5, 2016

Teddy Riley recently did an interview where he revealed some very interesting secrets not just about his friend, Michael Jackson, but about a popular actress he dated on the low (whom he stole off of the arm of another legendary singer by the way). This actress was who Teddy wrote some of MJ’s biggest “Dangerous” album hits about and she inspired those timeless Guy love songs as well. See who…


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Teddy went into detail on Jamie Foxx's show about the day he first met Salli Richardson at a club and stole her from Jermaine Jackson! Ain't that something? Obviously the fact that Teddy took his big brother's woman didn't bother MJ, because soon afterwards he called Teddy to work on that "Dangerous" album, LOL. And the rest is history. You gotta hear Teddy tell Jamie the story in the video below though, it's hilarious (starts around the 1:00 mark)...

During that time when Teddy and MJ were working on the "Dangerous" album, Teddy lived at MJ's home, but wait 'til you see some of the interesting things he revealed about his friend, MJ>>>

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