Otis Redding’s Son Is Like Him All Over Again! Watch This…

Posted On : August 12, 2015
fb2 otis and son clear pic
Otis Redding (L); his son, Dexter Redding (R)

We’ll get straight to the point with this one…Otis Redding has a son, Dexter Redding, and Dexter can sing too. In fact they’re so similar, it’s like you’re watching the late great Otis all over again. You know the old school saying “he spit that kid out?” Well it applies in Dexter’s case.
Tell us if you see the similarities between Otis and his son…

Now of course NO ONE can do it like Otis did it…not even his son Dexter, but I’m pretty sure he would probably agree with us on that. Check out Otis Redding and the Barkays’ last performance which they recorded the day before their tragic deaths from a plane crash…

Otis will always be one of the greatest performers to have ever graced music. May he and the Barkay’s legacy continue to live on.

-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, Old School news with a new point of view

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