Ouch! K.Pulliam’s Hubby Ed Hartwell EXPOSES How He Found Out Their BABY WAS BORN

Posted On : January 25, 2017

As Keshia Knight-Pulliam settles into her new mommy-hood, enjoying her precious baby, Ella Grace, her soon-to-be-ex-husband/former NFL player, Ed Hartwell, is telling all about what really happened after Keshia gave birth…


ed hartwell-keshia-knight As we previously reported, Keshia and her brother both released pics of themselves with the new baby, but trying to spot her husband in one of them is like trying to spot Stacey Dash at and NAACP convention, it just ain't gonna happen. So we then focused on the elephant in the room and asked, where is Ed? And lo and behold, now we know. See what Ed had to say>>>

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